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Benefits of Pilates

•longer, leaner muscles

•improves postural problems

•builds core strength

•increases stability and peripheral mobility

•helps prevent injury

•enhances functional fitness

•enhances ease and freedom of movement

•improves posture and alignments

•balances strength & flexibility

•heightens body awareness

•no impact - easy on the joints

•can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes

• complements other methods of exercise

• boosts performance in sports

•improves balance, coordination & circulation

Benefits of Yamuna® Body Rolling

•increased range of motion, muscle length, and tone

•improved circulation

•improved musculoskeletal alignment

•better bone quality

•a healthier spine, as decompressed nerve roots allow a free flow of energy to revitalize internal organs and the nervous system

•freedom from old restrictive patterns caused  by injury

•freedom from emotional restrictions held in the body

•better balance and equilibrium

•builds core strength

•increased lung capacity and fuller use of breath

•stress reduction

•greater body awareness

•injury prevention

•heal injuries

•body sustainability


Mind-Body Movement education in Seattle WA

   offering Pilates, Fascial Movement, Yoga & YBR classes, workshops, retreats, Yamuna® Foot Fitness, Yamuna® Face, Yamuna® hands-on therapy and Teacher Training & more

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